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We Are Official Liberty Stockists!

Official Liberty Stockist

While we love all types of fabric – even if some of them are a challenge to sew! We know that some branded fabrics just have that little something extra. As such we are pleased to announce that we are now an official Liberty stockist!

When Liberty was founded in 1875, by Arthur Lasenby Liberty (who had took a loan from his future Father-in-Law to start the business) he had an image of an Eastern Bazaar type store; full of homeware, fashions and fabrics that were strikingly different to what many of the well-known London stores offered.

As such, as well as the high quality of the fabrics – Liberty produce some of the most iconic prints in textiles. If you have a look on our website here, I am sure you will see prints that know and love. We have a good selection of different types of fabrics; including but not limited to denims, jacketing, jerseys and even cords.

There has been much excitement about the Liberty fabrics among all the team at Croft Mill, when we asked a few of them which fabric they would buy, and what they would make this is what they had to say…

Mo – “I’d get the Capel fabric and make a light summer shirt. I love that although it is very summery, the colour is also slightly muted and the print isn’t too in your face, you’d be able to wear it almost anywhere.”

Rebecca – “I’m not normally a fan of wearing tracksuiting fabric, as they just don’t feel very ‘me’. That said, I really want the Genevieve fabric, I love all the different colours, and they are blended together so beautifully. Plus it feels really soft. I may have a lazy Sunday, just as an excuse to make it into loungewear!”

Jayne – “I’d go for one of the silks. As summer is coming up, I’d make a tunic. I think these are really classy fabrics, so I’ll be looking for a simple pattern – nothing too fussy. Make a tunic, and wear it with a belt, then I don’t think you’d need any other bits or accessories.”

While some of these fabrics aren’t Liberty’s most well-known designs, we hope we have reflected this in the price and that you enjoy making them up!

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