Croft Mill Basics: How to Sew on a Button


Although we know a lot of our customers are experienced sewers, we also know that a lot of people are only just learning the craft. As such we thought we would cover a few of the sewing basics, both in this blog post and in the future. So without further ado, here’s how to sew on a button.

  • Now, I don’t want to seem patronising here; but I have been guilty of this in the past, so thought I would mention it. Even if you are rushing, it is important to make sure that the button you have chosen is not too small or too large for the button hole.
  • Once you have threaded your needle (and tied a knot in the loose end) and decided where you want the button to be positioned, you need to pierce the fabric going from the inside of the garment to the outside. Push your needle all of the way through the fabric and pull the thread taut.
  • Slide the needle firstly through one hole in the button, then the other. If you are using a 4-hole button it is best to sew diagonally across the button. If it is a button without holes, look on the reverse for a ledge to pass it through. Push the button along the thread so that it sits close to the fabric.
How to sew on a button

If the button does not have holes, look for a ledge or tunnel which you can pass the needle through

  • Once you are happy with the way in which the button is positioned, press the needle back through the fabric, going from the outside of the garment to the inside.
  • Repeat the process of going through the fabric, through the button and through the fabric as many times as is needed to make the button feel secure. On a 4-way button, try to alternate the use of holes, while sewing diagonally. In doing this you will see an ‘x’ or ‘cross’ forming as you sew.
  • Once you feel the button is secure, pass the needle through the fabric, towards the button once last time. However, rather than going through the button, wrap the thread around your stitches a few times to strengthen them.
  • Pass the needle through the fabric going from the outside of the garment to the inside and then create a few stitches to secure the thread.
  • Button up and off you go!


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    30/04/2015 at 4:19 PM

    Well done for a good idea. I am constantly amazed at the number of people who admit to being unable to sew anything, including sewing on a button. How those of them with children manage I can’t imagine.

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      01/05/2015 at 8:55 AM

      Glad you liked the idea Janet! We know quite a few dressmakers who have said their customers often throw things away because they can’t add buttons/sew hems and we were in shock so thought we’d try to help. It is a very important skill, especially if you’ve got little ones that are always putting their clothes to the test.

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