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Sweet Dreams: Sleepwear Sewing Patterns Edit

Croft Mill Sleepwear Sewing Pattern Edit

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Most of us here at Croft Mill like getting pyjama sets for Christmas (and spending boxing day lolling about in them) but, what we really, really love is getting handmade presents. So we decided it would be nice to be able to combine the two – so here is our favourite pyjama patterns, for if you want to give pyjamas as a gift this year.


Croft Mill Sleep Wear Sewing Patterns Edit

If you’ve got a whole family to make for this is a perfect pattern.

Croft Mill Sewing Patterns, Sleepwear edit

We think these pyjama sets for girls are just lovely!

Croft Mill Sleepwear Sewing Patterns Edit

One for the boys

Croft Mill Sleep Wear Sewing Patterns Edit

Let’s not forget the dressing gowns*


*If you wanted to make a super snuggly dressing gown, you can shop our soft new fleece fabrics here. 

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