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Make a Pet Coat – Easy to Sew for Any Size Animal.

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Pet Coats

This pattern can be drawn to fit any size cat or dog as you use their measurements to draw the pattern. For the dog coat an “I” bar was added to go across and under the chest.

What do I need for this project?

  • Animal Measurements as described below.
  • Paper to draw up the pattern.
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabrics – a piece big enough to fit your pattern on and a lining the same size as the main fabric. For a dog coat with an “i” bar you would need more than just for a coat with tabs.
  • A strip of Velcro .

What Fabric to use?

  • Jersey, Fleece and Sweat Fabrics for comfort and warmth.
  • Waterproof fabrics to keep dry.
  • Wool, because your pet is special and deserves the best.
  • Cotton Fabrics, they are colourful and breathable.

As this is a lined coat, choose a harder outer fabric and a nice soft fabric for the lining.

animal print
Nice and soft stretchy fabrics
Waterproof fabrics from Croft Mill
Waterproof Fabrics from Croft Mill.
waterproof fabrics from Croft Mill

What Pattern to use.

I did not use a pattern but measure my cat and drew one up to her size.

  • (A) Measure the length from the neck to the tail.
  • (B) Length from the chest to just behind the front leg.
  • (C) Around the chest behind the front leg (divide in 1/2).
  • (D) Loosely measure around the neck (divide in 1/2).

  • For the dog coat, the “I” bar goes across the chest and under chest and buttons where the top of the side tab is. Please look at the pictures below.
Measure your animal, add a bit on for closing the tabs around the neck and the tummy.

Archies I bar
The “I” bar shape

Cutting the fabric out for the tab coat.

  • Main Fabric – Place the pattern piece on a fold and cut it out.
  • Repeat the above for the lining piece.

You should now have one piece of main fabric and the lining to match.

Putting the tab coat together.

  • Pin the pieces right side to right side.
  • Start at the bottom and sew towards the top and around. Leave a gap between start and finish point.
  • Use a 1 cm seam allowance.
Sew 1cm seam allowance
Sew a 1cm seam allowance.
Leave a gap between start and stop point.

Turning the coat right way out.

  • Before turning the coat ensure you trim the excess fabric around the corners and make small triangle incisions. This helps the fabric “bend” in the corners and gives a good finish.
  • Put your hand into the gap you left and ease the pieces of the coat through the hole.
  • Make sure all the ends are pushed out. Use a pointer to get the edges out and neat.
V cuts
Clip the edges and make some “v” cuts around all bends and corners.
All cut out
Pull through the gap.
Pull the right side through the gap.
Make sure all ends and corners are even.
Make sure all ends and corners are even.

The finishing touches

  • Press the coat from the centre to the edges.
  • Top stitch around it to close the gap and to make a nice edge finish. Use straight stitch length 3 to 3.5.
  • Cut a piece of velcro ® To fit on the tummy and the neck tabs.
  • The soft section of velcro® should be attached to the lining side.
  • Sew the lopped side onto the top of the right side. This means there should be no scratchy edge.
  • Stitch a square around the velcro® to secure it.
Velcro® or hook and loop, one side is soft the other loopy.
Pin Velcro
Pin and sew the velcro® to the tabs, soft side on the lining.

It’s all done!

all done
Its all done, the underside.
top side
The top side.

All that’s left is to try it on.

wool fabric

Archie’s “i” bar coat.

  • Measure your pet as described above.
  • Draw up a coat pattern with no side tabs.
  • Now draw up the “i” bar, chest measurement between legs. for to width. Length is to just behind the front legs. Bottom width to overlap the coat around the belly. Please look at the pictures.
  • Ensure the front tabs are the length to go across the chest, do not add extra to close as it is sewn together.
  • Cut one on a fold out of main fabric. Repeat with the lining fabric.
  • The “i” bar should also be cut on a fold, 1 X main fabric and 1X lining.
dog coat
This is what the top coat for the “i” bar pattern should look like.
i bar pattern
This is how to draw up the “i” bar.
  • The front tabs need to be sewn together by hand.
  • The top ” I section can be sewn on one the front tabs are joined.
  • Always press your work as you are constructing, top stitch the edges to secure the layers and give a nice finish.
  • Choose easy to use buttons for attaching the bottom section of the “i” bar to the top coat.

Top Tips for making coats

Iron as you go, push all the corners out once they have been trimmed and turned right way out.

Flannel Fabric
Cotton flannel fabrics are soft and warm.
Cotton Fabrics
Some cotton fabrics for a pretty outer coat.

Pattern Inspiration for sewing for your pets.

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