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Croft Mill Bucket Hat

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In this Blog:

  • Denim through the ages, trends and interest.
  • Croft Mill Fabrics – review on New Denim and their “best For” uses.
  • Download and Make – Croft Mill Fabrics free Bucket hat pattern in 3 sizes. Step by step easy to follow.

What draws us to Denim as a fabric?

Denim fabric has many shades, tones and textures. It is all about the different cast and level of the blues which start from the richest deepest blue shade, washing down to real soft pretty blues. It is versatile, hardwearing, soft, drapey, easy to wear, a fantastic fabric for old and young alike. This year sees denim re-styled to suit all ages. The denim shirt, dress and skirt are trendsetting for good casual wear.

Read about sewing denim from this article on our blog,

 Through the ages…


 How to download and print a .pdf pattern.

You need to have adobe reader already installed on your computer. If you do not you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

Click the download link, it will download the pattern to a .pdf file. Open the pdf file pattern and go to file >>> then select print>> your printer property box will open.  Set the page size and handling to 100% as shown below and click print.

how to set printer to 100% for pdf

Croft Mill Bucket Hat click to download 

DOWNLOAD the instructions for the Croft Mill bucket hat. 

Just in time for the Summer and perfect to make from those leftover bits of denim.

Croft Mill Bucket Hat

Available in 3 sizes, so measure the head it needs to fit before you start. If you do not have a tall head, (the distance from where you have to measure to the top of your crown) you may want to decrease the middle bit by 10mm before you sew. Similarly, if you have a high head you may want to add a bit. You can check this measurement once you have sewn the top to the middle band.

Measure the circumference of your head using a flexible tape measure. Choose your size:

small: 54.5cm
medium: 57cm
large: 59.5cm

You can make a larger hat if you need to. Look at the pattern and increase in the places where you notice the increased lines go for larger sizes. Each increment results in a 2.5cm increase in head size.

What you need to make the Croft Mill Fabric bucket hat:

  • Some biggish sized denim pieces
  • Cotton fabric scraps for lining
  • Sewing machine needle for sewing denim, preferably a brand new sharp needle.
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Sharp scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Pins
  • Pattern downloaded (scroll back if you need Adobe reader to open the file, see printer settings for printing)
  • Printer and A4 paper Print the pattern out onto paper. Make sure your page size is set to 100% when you print it out, or the size would be wrong.

First step to make your bucket hat:

Check you have printed the pattern out at 100% and cut the pieces out.

Putting it all together

1 .  Collect some large denim scraps along with a bit of cotton fabric for the inner hat. This is a reversible hat.

2.  Fold the denim fabric in half and pin the pattern pieces along the fold.

3.  Choose the correct size.

4.   Cut out the fabric.

Croft mill bucket hat pattern

Croft mill bucket hat pattern

Start sewing your hat

5. Repeat the above pinning and cutting for the inner hat.

6. With right sides of denim together, stitch brim pieces together with 1.5cm (15mm) wide seam allowances.

7. Iron the seams open and flat.

8. Use a top stitch to sew each one flat, use a longer stitch length and contrasting colour thread.

Sewing the main pieces together

9. With right sides together, pin and stitch denim top piece to the upper side pieces. Repeat these with the inner cotton fabric.

10. 11. 12.  Flatten the top inner seam towards the top side piece, and top stitch around the top. Repeat with inner hat

Denim bucket hat

Finishing off your hat

13. With right sides together, pin and stitch denim brim pieces to lower side pieces. Repeat with cotton inner. Iron seam flat.

14.  Place the cotton hat over the denim hat right sides together. Pin around the edge of the brim.

15.  Sew around the brim, leaving an opening big enough to turn the hat inside out.

16.  Turn the hat inside out and then top stitch around the edge of the brim and at 1cm intervals to strength it.

Croft Mill Denim Hat

And It is done. Enjoy!!

croft mill bucket hat

CLICK HERE to view Croft Mills’s range of Denim fabrics.

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