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There are a lot of lovely sewing magazines about these days, filled with interesting articles, patterns, adverts and a lot of lovely makes and free patterns. Croft Mill fabrics have a lovely lot of new John Kaldor fabrics which will make lovely wiggle dresses. One of the most popular fashion styles from the 1950s is what is called the wiggle style. This figure hugging, curvy style can enhance a woman’s body.

We found a great FREE pattern in the Sew Magazine –

What is a wiggle dress you may ask?

It is a dress whose hem is narrower than the hip. This causes one to walk in “baby” steps which makes one’s hips wiggle as you walk.

Where would you wear a wiggle dress?

“Wear this dress anywhere that does not require too much walking about like the office or to a cocktail party, depending on fabrics and tightness.”

What body shape does the wiggle dress suit? 

This dress is perfect for women with curves. If you have boobs and a bottom with a shapely waist it will look great. Be confident in a wiggle dress.

Tips for a wiggle dress.

  • Choose the right size pattern for your dress, too big does not produce the wiggle.
  • Wear the correct kind of underwear with this dress as the wrong kind can show through.
  • Watch out for low necklines, too much cleavage can lower the tone of the dress.
  • Dress it up with the right accesories and not too hig heels.

Here we have some patterns which would make great wiggle dresses, although you may have to alter the hem width a bit on some of them.

The sewing magazines contain a lot of great makes and we thought we would recommend some of our lovely fabrics suitable for some of the pattern makes.

Croft Mill Fabrics advertise in this magazine and always offer discount codes on all fabrics – look for the discounts codes in the latest magazines.

SEW MAG -January and February 2019 Pattern pages

We found these lovely free downloadable patterns from the SEW MAG and thought we would show you some of our lovely fabrics to make them with. If you can’t download them from there links please visit

Visit and download Sew 119 Jan 18 Eden Dress

Download Page for Sew 120 Feb 19 Cara Top

Sew 119 Jan 18 Hazel Skirt

We advertise in the Love Sewing magazine and often have discount codes for all fabrics in our shop on our adverts. This pattern and dress caught our eye, it is from issue 63, January Love Sewing Magazine.

Look at our lovely denim fabrics for this pattern.

Still paging through the Love sewing Magazine we found this lovely blouse in the “We have Style” article. Here are a few fabrics to make that.

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