Mix ‘n Match Fabrics to extend your wardrobe this Summer.


Is your wardrobe packed to bursting but you can’t make a matching outfit from your clothes?

Why not choose some quality fabrics and start building a mix-and-match wardrobe.

This is not about keeping up with the latest fashions, it is about how you feel and look wearing the clothes you have chosen. Colour is very important in our day-to-day lives. Having good colour combinations in your wardrobe can make you feel “well equipped” for any event, planned or unplanned.

A Few Top Tips…

  • You should not fill your cupboard with only your favourite colour even if you think they all go together.
  • Your favourite colour should act as a baseline.
  • For colours which compliment, choose florals, abstract or geometric prints but also choose plain colours.
  • If you chose a bright colour as your favourite, chose a dark colour to tone it down but also compliment it.
  • Neutral colours like black, white, grey, beige or earth tones as these colours go with a lot of other colours.
mix 'n' match colour wheel guide

How to mix ‘n match your colours.

  • Colours can leave a lasting impact and can lift your mood as you feel and look good in that colour.
  • Don’t feel uncomfortable when you experiment with colour, try pairing with a plain which matches a bold or floral print.
  • Pair pastels for a not so bold look, use light pastels for a fresh look.
  • Use shades of the same colour to make your colour look softer.
  • Put opposite colours together and maybe use a contrasting colour to add a bit of zing.
  • Combinations of bold and plain lessen the impact of too much bright and bold.
  • Let the colours in a print guide you as to what plain goes well with it.

Croft Mill fabrics have a great selection of Viscose Plain and Prints.

 Inspiration and a few Patterns - includes Plus Sizes

Burda 6615
Mccalls M5640
simplicity 1069

Cotton lawn plain and printed fabric

mix 'n match cotton lawn croftmill.co.uk
mix 'n match cotton lawn croftmill.co.uk
Simplicity 4552
6859 new look
Kwik Sew 4005
5592 Burda
7079 Mccalls
6444_ new look
6398 new look
4176 burda
2461 simplicity
6304b mccalls

Take a look at our Poplin plain and print fabrics

We have a nice selection of crepe fabrics

Web Links that we found useful 


Transform your cupboard

Create a capsule wardrobe for every season to minimize the amount of clutter and unworn items lurking in your cupboard. This is a nice blog called Classy yet Trendy and they have some good ideas for creating a nice capsule closet.

From Burda Style

A showcase of patterns suitable to make up a stunning mix 'n' match wardrobe. Please copy and paste this link in your browser address bar as we can't link directly.


Free Patterns - From Angela Kane

Lots of great ideas, patterns and inspiration on this blog, you do need to signup to download the freebies.


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