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Pattern Sizing – Share your thoughts

Pattern Sizing

We went clothes shopping recently (blasphemy I know! But I didn’t have time to make an outfit before the event.) We went in various shops on the high street some national chains and some independent shops. However after the fruitless mission we came home disheartened and confused.

What annoyed us was the lack of ‘true sizes’ a ten in one shop might be the same size as a 16 in another shop. Was it possible to have gained/lost that many pounds with a 5 minute walk? Of course not. Although sewing may take longer, you are guaranteed a good fit, and if it doesn’t fit perfectly it’s easy –and less annoying-to take it in.

For this reason when I’m making clothes I tend to make them slightly bigger then take them in, just in case my idea of a size ten isn’t the same as the pattern designers.

So I want to ask you, what are your thoughts on pattern sizing from the biggest pattern sellers, such as Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue and Simplicity. Do you find them to be too generous? Too small? Or are they just right?

Please let us know your thoughts, so we may finally figure out the mystery of sizing.


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