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Poly/Cotton fabric is the home sewing enthusiasts perfect friend.

Croft Mill Poly/cotton fabrics

Poly/cotton Fabric

Poly/Cotton fabric is the home sewing enthusiasts perfect friend.

Easy to care for, suitable for so many sewing projects.

In this blog:

  • What is Poly/cotton fabric? Chart of properties.
  • Showcase of Croft Mill Fabrics poly/cotton.
  • Preparing your fabric for sewing.
  • Thoughts on should you buy fabric before buying a pattern.
  • Pattern suggestions.
  • How to order fabric samples from Croft Mill Fabrics.
  • Testing if your fabric is cotton or polyester.

What Is Poly/cotton

Cotton and polyester are blended to make poly/cotton. It is manufactured in various ratios of the two. The advantages of both cotton and polyester fibres into one fabric does reduce the cost as cotton is now so expensive but they are durable and very easy to care for. The fabrics we are showing you here today are perfect for craft projects and for shirts and blouses. The Fabrics with 35% or more cotton are also good for dresses.

croft mill cotton or poly


Showcase of Croft Mill Fabrics poly/cotton fabrics


 Preparing for your sewing project.

Pre-washing – Most fabrics will need washing before you use them. Some new fabrics have been treated to keep them smooth and UN creased in the shop. If you are making something that won’t be washed then you might want to leave the fabric unwashed to preserve the crispness of the finish.

Colourfastness – Pre-washing will also highlight problems with dyes bleeding from the fabrics. Some coloured fabrics will have colour loss for a number of washes, so be careful with including them in mixed loads.

Straightening the grain – Fabrics can get twisted off-grain during processing and when they are rolled on to rolls. To make sure you are working with the grain straight, always check the grain before you cut the fabric. After washing your fabric iron it to straighten it before laying your pattern out.

Ironing polyester – make sure the fabric is slightly damp, or dampen it a bit with a spray bottle. Set the temperature to low or medium heat. Start pressing at the top and work your way down the fabric, pressing firmly on the creases and re-wetting them if necessary. Match the selvedge edges to ensure the grain is straight.

 B3475 BOY’S SHIRT & SHORTS | EASY Butterick Pattern.

Fabrics to use with the above pattern available from Croft Mill Fabrics online shop.


Which should you buy first, the sewing pattern or the fabric?

When you see a fabric you like, and a blouse or skirt come to mind, poses the question, should I buy some? Buy the fabric and you may find the fabric is not suitable for that pattern.On the other hand if you have a pattern in hand, it gives idea’s as to what fabrics are best suited to the pattern, how much fabric you need and what zips, buttons and linings you need, but it can also stop you from choosing a fabric you like. The answer to the above question is simple, if you find some fabric that you can’t resist, buy 3m of it to keep your options open when you’re ready to sew something.

Buying fabric in an online shop:

  • Check that the fabric is one of the fabric types recommended by your sewing pattern if you are planning a project or if you like it, you have read the description. Some online shops have a no returns policy on some fabrics e.g. those on special offer or sale.
  • If you find fabrics you like, check if you can get a sample sent to you, so you can feel and see the quality of the fabric. If you don’t get a sample, make sure you can return the fabric if it is un-suitable.
  • Click on the fabric of your choice, make sure you have a full description page to read how the fabric hangs (called its drape). Is it soft or stiff? Does this fit with what you are planning to make?
  • There could be some information about the fibre content and care instructions. Can you machine wash it or is it dry clean only? If you like the fabric but need more information, give the company a call, they will have someone who can tell you more about the fabric.
  • If you can apply for a sample of the chosen fabric, then do so in the colour way you prefer. This will allow you to decide if you like it? Is the fabric in a colour that suits you? Does it feel and drape right.
  • Check the width of the fabric. Fabrics are made in different widths: mainly 150cm (60”) and 115cm (45”). Look at your pattern to find out what length of fabric you will need to buy. Make sure you buy enough fabric to allow for 10% shrinkage on washing just in case.

Lovely selection of children’s patterns, perfect for the Summer.

Fabrics to use with the above pattern available from Croft Mill Fabrics online shop.

Sampling via Croft Mill Fabrics online shop.

You can now order samples through the website if you are at a UK address,

  • Click on the fabric you are interested in, there will be a sample button to the right of the picture.
  • Click the sample button, it will now be added to your shopping bag.
  • You can order samples with your order or on their own.
  • The first 5 samples you order are free of charge.

What is it going to cost?

  • A charge of 50p for every sample over the first 5 free samples you order.
  • When ordering online there is a handling fee to cover the costs we get charged by the card companies, so for 5 samples, the cost will be £2.00. Order your samples via “snail mail” you need to pay a postage fee or send a self-addressed,  stamped envelope with your sample request.

Adding samples to a fabric order?

  • If you ask for samples as part of your order then there is no post or handling fee applied.

How long will it take?

  • Sample orders are usually dispatched within 1 working day of receipt but in very rare circumstances when we cannot manage this please allow up to 5 working days.
  • Samples are posted 2nd class Royal Mail.

Sampling via the post

If you send us a stamped addressed envelope and a cheque the charges are as follows (prices listed apply to the UK only).

Please send us the reference number and the name of the fabric you want plus the following depending on your requirements. Where there are a number of items under a reference please specify your preference as we cannot sample a, b, c’s as one item.

  1. a)      1 – 5 items FREE.
  2. b)      6 – 10 items £2.50
  3. c)      11 – 15 items £5.00

Please send your request to:
Croft Mill UK Ltd,
Office 5&6 Primet Business Centre,
Burnley Road,

croft mill cotton or not

If you are not wanting to make a lovely poly/cotton dress for Spring, or maybe you want to make a nice summer shirt, take a look at our previous blogs on European Fabrics stunning Italian cotton shirting and wonderful German made Chino trousering fabrics. As Summer approaches and proms, graduations, garden parties and weddings become popular you may need to make a special outfit for the occasion. Look at out Special Occasion fabrics, there are tips on handling, sewing, cutting and washing all the special fabrics.

Croft Mill Fabrics collect ideas and free patterns on our Pinterest Boards

Croft Mill Fabrics collect ideas and free patterns on our Pinterest Boards Click to view our boards, it is free to sign up and be inspired!!

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