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Sew Your Own Bardot Top

Making a bardot top

The bardot top (or off the shoulder top) was a huge trend last year. This year it looks set to return with a vengeance. They are perfect for when the weather gets warmer, keeping you cool and helping to avoid tan-lines trouble.

The bardot tops of the moment tend to have tend sleeves, often with extra details such as ruffles, ties or volume. However if this is not your style  try simple sleeves – or even sleeveless. As these can be a great option.

They are extremely stylish and can sell for hundreds of pounds in some shops, such as this one from Tibi. We think it can be simple to sew a bardot top however. Using a good quality cotton shirting fabric (you can view ours here) could give you the look you need. As such, we have selected some of our favourite Bardot top sewing patterns.

Our Favourite PatternsSimplicity 1613 –  We love that this pattern has a slightly retro feel, and can include straps (just in case you need them!) The Crafty Pin Up has also created a blog post about her experience using this pattern which you can read here.

Simplicity 8296 – This pattern can be made into a top or a dress depending on your style needs. The top option comes with sleeves with statement cuffs – the shape of the moment.

Simplicity 8124 – This dress pattern has options for a top and a playsuit – what more could you ask for? All of them have sleeves and have a fun loose fitting feel. I think this dress in particular would be perfect for throwing on whilst on holiday, before heading off to explore the cobbled streets of the nearest town. Don’t forget your straw hat.

The Olivia Top – This pattern is free! But not only that, I think it is one of the prettiest Bardot tops I have eve seen. It comes with a statement ruffle, meaning you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and still look easily chic.

Burda Style 06/2011 – Want a bardot top that looks a bit sleeker? Bardot tops can often have a looser fit but this burda style pattern is perfect if you want something a bit smarter. Team it with a pencil skirt or a midi skirt to show off the full effect.

Vogue 9242 – Finding it difficult to choose between ruffles and statement sleeves? Why not have both? In for a penny, in for a pound they say. This vogue pattern gives you plenty of options

Ann Normandy We love Ann Normandy’s patterns because, simply put they are just effortlessly cool. They are the kind of clothes, worn by the woman that can throw on anything and somehow look completely put together. This is technically not a bardot top as it includes straps, however the straps are thin enough to show off the shoulders and give a bardot feel.

Fabrics For Sewing A Bardot Top

As for the fabric for when you sew a bardot top, try choosing a simpler pattern or stripe and let the shape of the top be the talking point. Most of the sewing patterns require a shirting weight fabric of some sort – normally in cotton. You can view our Italian cotton shirtings here, or our chambray fabric or other shirting fabrics here to get some inspiration!

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