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Sewing Book Club: September

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The kids are back at school, and finally back into their routines so it’s the right time to buy yourself a good book! In the near future we will be announcing some exciting news regarding Wendy Ward and her new book; but until then here are Croft Mill’s reviews of the newest sewing books.


May Martin’s Sewing Bible by May Martin

Unless you’re brand new to sewing and have been avoiding the TV for the last couple of years; as soon as you see a book by May Martin you know it’s going to be good. And the seamstress’s fairy godmother does not disappoint.

What we enjoyed about this book, was that although May Martin is undoubtedly an expert (she’s been teaching sewing for over 40 years) she does not expect you to be. There are projects for beginners alongside more complex ideas.

If we was going to be really picky however, we would have liked the fabrics used to be a bit more fashionable (maybe something made out of Croft Mill fabric – sorry force of habit!) however given May’s standing, we can forgive her this.

Croft Mill Book Club May Martin


The Sewtionary  by Tasia St. Gernaine

The name says it all with this book, it is an A-Z dictionary of sewing terms. Unlike a dictionary it does include helpful photos to get the point across. If you are looking for project ideas this is probably, ok definitely, not the book for you. However if like me, you often find yourself scouring Google to find a definition of a term used in a pattern or a blog, then this is a must. Its alphabetical order means that it can sit pretty on your shelf and be used to quickly define a term so you can carry on sewing.

Croft Mill Book Club Sewtionary

Little One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins

Hands up, who stashes fabric? You at the back, are you stretching or is your hand up? If you raised your hand, you may want to invest in this book. This book contains 101 projects (so that is sure to keep you busy) about making for children and babies. It includes full size templates (no scaling up –hurrah!)  and good quality patterns. It’s price tag is a bit heavy, however you do get a lot of book for your buck.


Croft Mill Book Club Sewtionary



Gertie Sews Vintage Casual: A Modern Guide to the Sportswear Style of the 1940s and 1950s by Gretchen Hirsch

#VintageJune may be a distant memory now, however we still love the vintage style, so we were keen to get our hands on this book. If you have been following her blog you won’t be disappointed as the same quality and style transfer to this.

Unlike some bloggers turned book writers, this book doesn’t trickle off into fluff, it is packed full of tips and patterns – a staggering 35. If you are an avid reader, then you will also benefit as she shares what books she has bought and read in the past; your ‘to read’ list will be growing with everyone she lists.

Croft Mill Sewing Book Club, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual



Trim the Tree: Christmas Tree Ornaments to Stitch by Annie’s


Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas? You should believe, because one of our local shops already has a Christmas stand in it. We thought we’d review this book to give people time to make the items in it. With 34 projects packed in, this book is sure to have your Christmas tree decked from head-to-toe. What we like about this book is that the instructions are easy to follow and have photos to help make sure there is no confusion. So if you’re already feeling festive, we suggest giving this book a go.


Croft Mill Sewing Book Club, Trim the tree


Also coming soon: We will have a review of Wendy Ward’s new book The Beginners Guide to Dress Making: Sewing Techniques and Patterns to Make Your Own Clothes as well as the chance to win a signed copy!



If you decide to invest in one of these books, drop us a comment and let us know what you thought of them!


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