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Sew Your Own Christmas Gifts

sew your own Christmas gifts



We are fully in the swing of sewing Christmas gifts here at Croft Mill. I am leaving hints around the office for a tweed coat. How well my pot-it notes work, will have to be seen. This is the second post in our Sewing for Christmas series. This one is packed full of general gifts for friends and family members. We’ve been asking around for favourite tutorials and patterns, and have tried to include projects for all abilities – so there is no excuse to not start sewing!

Tweed Cap and Scarf

sewing-christmas-gifts-tweed-cap-and-scarfCaroline actually spotted this project in this month’s Make It Today Dressmaker magazine . She often wears a scarf  whilst at Croft Mill, to fend off the draughts. As its from a magazine, this Tweed Cap and Scarf pattern is free and can be found here, though you do have to sign up via email in order to access the free downloads. When I signed up, there was a tick box to receive their newsletter. If you leave this blank you shouldn’t receive any emails from the magazine.

Both the hat and the scarf are suited to beginners, though the scarf is definitely the easiest of the two. Of course, we’d suggest some of these Croft Mill Tweed fabrics – I’d go for a more green/neutral colour so I could feel a bit like Kate Middleton’s country chic photo shoots – but that’s just me.

Personalised Applique

sewing-christmas-gifts-personalised-appliqueI have a young niece, who is constantly wanting to re-organise (read: decorate) her bedroom, so maybe that explains why I like this project so much. “Fabric Covered and Padded Letters – A Tutorial” by Well My Stars is easy to follow and gives you a list of everything you need so you won’t risk getting caught short.

Quilting or Crafting cottons, like these from Croft Mill would probably serve this project best. Although the tutorial is intended for boys/girls bedrooms – I think if you were to chose a word such as ‘love’ or ‘hope’ or even the person’s names/initials they would also be greatly received for other areas around the house.

His and Her’s Pillow Cases

sewing-for-christmas-his-and-hers-pillowcasesThere are two reasons why I love this gift a) it is adorable and b) it would be so quick to make. I’m pretty sure even a beginner could run this project up in an afternoon, so it is perfect for when the Christmas To Do List feels longer than possible.

This ‘His and Her’s Pillow Cases DIY’ tutorial from A beautiful Mess would be great for anyone who is planning a winter wedding, or spending their first Christmas in a new home.

Croft Mill’s Cotton Poplin or percale sheeting would be great for this project and you could even use the couple’s favourite colours to make it that bit more special.

Wine Tote


Caroline prefers gin over wine, but part of me thinks this ‘Quilted Wine Tote Sewing Tutorial’ by Needle and Spatula may convince her to change her mind. This gift is great for wine connoisseurs or for those that are environmentally friendly and do not want to use those cardboard wine carriers you get in certain shops. They are also handy for if you are going to a dinner party and taking a single bottle. For this tutorial you will need a quilting or crafting cotton like these, and some batting.

You could make this out of a combination of colours, and there is a Flikr group for the blog where you can see other people’s makes.


Slippers – A Sewing Christmas Gift Classic

sewing-for-christmas-slippers‘Hygge’ – The Danish concept for embracing all things cosy in the colder months is having a moment. I know a lot of people are buying books on the subject and attempting to inject some more of it in their life. That is why Gemma thinks some homemade slippers would be a great gift, they are cosy as well as on trend.

This ‘How to Make Fabric Slippers with a Free Pattern’ by Pretty Prudent. You will need some flannel fabric like these from Croft Mill, as well as some fabric for lining, some elastic and some ‘non-slip’ fabric for the bottom. The post also includes a free pattern for baby slippers, so you could make a pair to match!

An alternative fabric might be tracksuiting, as that would save having to find a warm lining for the slippers. However I will warn you this will be thicker to sew, so take note of what needle you are using. You can find our tracksuiting fabrics here – but you already know that, don’t you?

Travel Pillow


Andy, our fabric cutter particularly likes this ‘Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow – Pattern and Tutorial’ by The Cottage Mama when he settles down to some Christmas gift sewing.

It is great for people who love to travel – or for those that just like holidays! If the person you are making for has a favourite holiday spot, you could make it in colours that represent that place – any quilting cottons would be fine for this project, but we do suggest thinking carefully about your colour palette first.

Bowling Bag

sewing-for-christmas-bowling-bagCaroline was really impressed with this pattern from Make It Today Dressmaker for a Bowling Bag. You can download the pattern here for free. It is intended to be a beginners pattern. Though personally I’d say it is for confident beginners who enjoy a challenge.

A bowling bag is always in style but what I love about this pattern is that it is also practical, and great for women with young children. Or women like me, who just have the urge to carry far to many things round with them on a daily basis.

A canvas (like these Croft Mill Canvas Fabrics) would be a good fabric for this as it would be tough and hard-wearing, so you could be sure they will be able to get plenty of use out of it.

Lavender Satchels


Jayne recently bought a caravan (after selling her campervan and missing it more than she expected.) I think she would love these little gifts, as they can make a place feel instantly more homily. They can be made out of smaller pieces of fabric you have. If you don’t have any small pieces stashed away, these fabric bundles may tempt you.

I like to make them as small stocking fillers, out of fabric that matches the person’s bedroom, as that is where they are kept more often than not. If you don’t like Lavender you can use other scents such as Cinnamon, to give a Christmassy feel.

This ‘How to Make Lavender Sachets {Tutorial}’ by Kim Layton at Everything Etsy  has step by step instructions. It also gives you ideas on how to present them, or add extra details.

Oven Mitts

sewing-for-christmas-oven-mittsOven Mitts – they might not seem the most glamorous of gifts, but boy are they useful.

What we love about this ‘Long Arm Oven Mitts Pattern’ by So Sew Easy is that it can be adapted in to two lengths. So if your friend is always burning their arms, they can have them longer. Or the more careful friend can receive a shorter pair. You will need some insulted batting to act as heat protection.

Now, this may look like a bit of self-promotion, but have a look at our vintage cotton prints. We think a lot of vintage prints work well for this tutorial as they hark back to the idea of the glamorous 50’s housewife. Or a quirky patterned cotton may be nice to bring a splash of colour/pattern to a plainer kitchen.

Laundry Bag


Are you making for a student that comes home on the holidays? Usually bringing home a bag of washing they have ‘found’ in their room. Then this may be the tutorial for you.

This ‘DIY Laundry Bag’ by Momtastic is a great project to run up quickly. The tutorial comes with clear photos to help guide you through the steps and can be made using cotton fabric.

If your friend sews, you can re-purpose this as as ‘sewing bag’ in which to keep odd pieces or scraps of fabric. It may help keep the craft room tidy. Though I cannot promise this as I have one and somehow still end up with fabric everywhere.


So there is our guide to Sewing Christmas gifts, we have used some of these patterns ourselves and love them. While others (such as the Tweed cap) are on our project list for this year. DIY gifts can be so much fun to make. Sometimes I make an item as a gift and then end up making myself one too. If you make any of these, please feel free to show us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or emailing

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