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Jersey – Easy Sewing Patterns

jersey sewing pattern

Many of you were interested in our ‘Just Jersey Tips’ post, which, as you can guess from the name, had some tips for sewing jersey fabric, so we decided it was high time we did another jersey fabric post.

Since we had covered the basics, we thought we would share with you a selection of our favourite patterns for jersey fabrics. To give you some options, we’ve also narrowed them down to one pattern per garment, so take a look and get sewing!

The Flatter All Dress – Suggested Pattern Vogue V8807

This is one of our all time favourites; partly because it is a timeless style and partly because it is universally flattering. This pattern does specify you use a  lightweight jersey, however we think that some of our medium weight jerseys would look great in this. If you are in any doubt, please request a sample. Despite being a jersey fabric pattern, this is quite an easy project – so great if you are still learning. For the more adventurous why not try our ‘Jazz‘ or ‘Not Fade Away’ jerseys.


Jersey sewing pattern

Vogue V8807

The Jersey Trousers – Suggested Pattern Burda 08/2014 #138b

This pattern is actually a plus-size pattern and it is suggested that you only attempt this pattern if you have some experience in sewing – it is an intermediate pattern, however they don’t look to difficult to us. We love this pattern because not only they are comfortable to wear, they look great! They can be worn dressed up or down; so you’re sure to get your worth if you feel brave enough to try this jersey pattern. Why not make them from our ‘Cockadoodle Doo’ jersey from John Kaldor.


jersey sewing pattern

Burda 08/2014 #138b

The Autumnal Top – Suggested pattern Butterick B5923

With the weather turning bright but crisp and the summer holidays over you cannot help but feel that autumn is creeping up on us.

As such it is time to put away the crop tops and vests, while not yet time to snuggle up in oversized reindeer jumpers. This is suggested to be an easy jersey sewing pattern, and we just think that it would look stunning in all of our plain jerseys.

Jersey sewing pattern

Butterick B5923

The Jersey Jacket – suggested pattern Mccalls M6408

Ok, so technically this jersey pattern is out of print. However if you just pop the pattern number and make into a search engine, you can probably find some still for sale.  We love this jacket as it is just right to keep you warm, but without being overbearing. It also has some a very pretty tie detail on the front.

jersey sewing pattern

Mccalls M6408

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