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Happy Halloween Sewing!

Croft Mill Halloween Sewing

What was that noise?  Did you hear it? It sounded like cackling… I think it must be coming from the Croft Mill office!

Ah yes, that’s why Croft Mill is cackling, they are talking about Halloween costumes they made when they were little. Did you ever wear a handmade Halloween costume? I did, and still do!

So taking inspiration from this, we have put together a pinterest board that is full of Halloween sewing projects – and a few none-sew projects too for if you are running really short of time.

We’ve also put in there some of our fabrics that we think you could use to turn your little treasures into little terrors. We’ve tried to keep them all reasonably low in price, after all how often are you going to wear a ghost costume?

That said, we have included a few pricier ones as well, for example our Rockefeller fabric (priced at £7.00 pm) might be a bit much if you were planning on using it as part of a Halloween costume; but we think it would look stunning in a wrap dress for a grown up take on the evening.


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