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Sewing Bee: The Last Man Standing

Dave from the sewing bee



Well we’re almost midway through The Great British Sewing Bee and the contestant’s skills are being unpicked in even more detail.

This week’s episode saw our early favourite, Yorkshire mum of three Julie leave the show, while we were sad to see her go; we had to admit that her talents seemed to be left wanting as the others stormed ahead with better designs and more technically correct pieces.

Chinello won garment of the week, and rightly so as her velvet dress was downright gorgeous and wouldn’t have looked out of place on the red carpet.

Our attention however was caught by Dave, the last man standing… which is something to be proud of in itself.


When the third challenge came around we were nervous for him. All seemed lost as we watched him moping his brow with the fabric he was supposed to be transforming. Would he fall to the wayside? Would he be in trouble for admitted his wife thought she “looked fat” when wearing the clothes he made? We had to wait and see.

As the round drew to a close we were pleasantly surprised, and relieved! While his choice of fabric might not have been to my personal taste, there was no denying it… Dave’s dress was pretty damn fine!

Patrick reassured us that it was technically correct with all its stitches, seams and positions. So Dave managed to clear the final hurdle and fight for the boys a bit longer.

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