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The Summer Holidays are Upon Us! Let’s Get Sewing Kids!

kids sewing

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Lancashire the summer school holidays have definitely started… the roads and quieter and the houses are noisier! After the first week the novelty of not doing the school run soon wears off, so we think it’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids sewing! Obviously this will be easier with the older kids, but even small children like fabric, from looking at the colours to feeling the different textures. Led by a mother of two, Croft Mill generally keeps children’s prints stocked all year round. From sugar and spice and all things nice for the girls, to something with a littlemore ‘pow’ for the boys. These are just a selection of some of our prints, but we hope you like them. You can view all of our children’s fabric here.


kids sewing fabri                        Kids Sewing                   Kids Sewing             Kids sewing



We suggest keeping things simple when sewing with a child, for example these draw string wash-bags were made by a year nine class at Bower Grove School in Kent.


kids sewing



They are easy (but fun) to make and even help keep the bedroom tidy!  Another great tip for kids projects is making a monster, that way if it turns out misshapen/lopsided or slightly different to how it was intended it is simply more monster like!





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