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Sewing Bee: The Policeman’s Gone, But Who’ll Steal The Prize?

Sewing bee

The Great British Sewing Bee


So last night we saw Dave leave the Sewing Bee. In this episode he had made what was arguably his best piece yet in the form of a traditional policeman’s coat… however it was just too little too late, with a wonky collar.


And so (or should that be, and sew!) we have an all-female cast for the semi-final. Here in the Croft Mill office we are torn over who will win, some favour Tamara’s quirky creations while others love Lynda (She gets brownie points for tweeting us!)


In the semi-final we are lead to believe that the contestants will have to make something from scratch with no pattern, so it sounds like this is going to be Chinello’s week. Whereas we’re not sure how the others will fair.

Talking of Chinello, in yesterday’s episode we watched her be named the winner of the alterations task, as she adapted a man’s suit into a gorgeous dress. While Tamara was told she had not been extreme enough- though personally I thought her design was more extreme than some of the others that passed without comment… hers was the only one with ruffles after all!

We loved the idea of really testing the contestants by getting them to user older sewing machines, as well as learning how the invention gave women a sense of independence and a chance to earn a living from home.

If you have/have ever used an older sewing machine like the Singer ones we saw on TV we’d love to hear your thoughts on them, so give us a shout either on here or over Twitter or Facebook!

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