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What to Make with Waterproof Fabrics?

Now then, I am only speaking from personal experience here, so I may seem like a bit of an odd ball. When I first started sewing I started on cottons and other easy to manage fabrics, I then went on to more challenging fabrics but waterproof fabrics never entered my mind.

I don’t know why not, because really, having a few waterproof garments is always useful. When a batch of waterproof fabrics was delivered to Croft Mill last week, I decided it was finally time to give them a go. The question then; what to make out of waterproof fabrics?

Jayne, who a few of you may know, is an avid traveller in her camper van and suggested using some of our stronger waterproofs to patch up a tent. It was a good idea; after all, not many people would want a leaky tent.

After looking into the matter, we found this helpful list of tent-care tips, which stress the importance of ensuring the area you intend to patch up is both dry and clean before you start sewing.

If camping isn’t really your idea of a good weekend, waterproof fabric can also be made into adorable autumn coats for small children. We especially love this circle poncho style jacket; the tutorial shows you that it is pretty easy to make; and we think it would look in both plain and patterned fabrics.

how to sew a childs rain coat waterproof fabric

If you fancy sewing for a rain jacket for yourself a bomber jacket such as this Burda Pattern made from a waterproof peachskin can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

ladies bomber jacket sewing pattern

Alternatively, this uni-sex parker sewing pattern (though American) is a classic style that could be worn year after year.

how to sew a uni sex waterproof parka

If like some of us here, you have a dog that loves getting muddy waterproof fabric can also be used to make a practical dog bed. This blog post suggests a shower curtain, but we think waterproof fabric would do the job just as well; if not better.

how to sew a waterproof dog bed

I hope these project ideas have inspired you try out waterproof fabrics. If you do make anything (waterproof or not) we would love to see it shared on our Facebook page.

Take a look at our selection of Waterproof fabrics here.

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