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What to Sew for That Special Occasion – Prom, Evening Out, Wedding


Special event fabrics -

Stunning Brocade fabric from Croft Mill Fabrics – Click to Shop

What we wear says a great deal about who we are and can influence what people think of us or even worse say about us. Conclusions about our personality, likes, dislikes are made from the way we look. So if you think “opinions” don’t matter, “impressions” might do which is why “dressing” most certainly matters.

 What to sew for a special occasion?

With the choice of lovely fabrics, we are spoiled for choice. Here are a few steps to help you along the way to choosing the right pattern, fabric and type of garment for the event you have to attend.

Formal Event – gala opening, evening event, black tie – Ladies:

  • Steer away from strapless tops, cropped trousers and short jumpsuits. No midriffs showing or very short skirts.
  • Keep it simple, below the knee in length, long for a glamorous look.
  • Dress it up with elegant lace.
  • If you are having trouble narrowing down what will suit your body type best, you should look at A-line dresses. They tend to be universally flattering and are a safe bet for most.
  • Gloves, clutch bags and appropriate jewellery, hats are all good accessories.
  • For Summer events choose light and bright fabrics, for Winter choose darker shades that are warm rather than bright.


  • A dark suit or tuxedo with a plain white shirt. A nice tie and shiny shoes will finish the look.
  • If the event is in the Summer, reverse the look, white suit and dark shirt.

Lovely Velvet fabric from Croft Mill Fabrics – Click to Shop

Special event fabrics -

Cocktail Event – Shimmer and shine if you like…

  • Wear knee length or just above the knee dresses. A nice tailored trousers or skirt with silk, sequins or shinny top.
  • A nice little black or red dress.
  • Simple jewellery is fine,
  • No denim, no sweats, no cords, no T-shirts.

Business Formal Event – Need conservative nice office type clothing

  • Dresses should be of a conservative length. Top with jacket or cape.
  • Separates – tops and trousers or skirts, semi-tailored for an evening, flowing for the afternoon.
  • The little black or red dress may be worn if not too short and sexy.

Beautiful Satin and Lace fabric from Croft Mill Fabrics – Click Images to Shop


Special event fabrics - Special event fabrics -

croftmill pattern inspiration for a special occasion

Wedding – Dress respectfully and do not compete with the bride, it is her day.

What not to wear!

  • Stay away from jeans, shorts, sweats, trainers, t-shirts.

Appropriate wear: – try find an outfit tht will be suitable for day/night wear.

  • If the event is in the daytime, choose a short/ knee length dress. A floral print or bold colour, will be good for summer weddings. Use lace to make it light and airy. Choose a breathable fabric.
  • For a casual evening wedding, try a short/knee length dress but in a darker colour, top with nice flowing wrap or cape. Using Lace creates a unique chic look.
  • For outdoor wedding, dressy Capri’s, culottes or nice trousers will be easier to wear than a dress. Shoes should be a consideration if outdoor, is say, on a beach.
  • Separates are good, a nice skirt, top and jacket.
  • Dresses should not be too funky or floor length unless you are a brides maid or bride.
  • If you are a close family member of the bridal couple try wear colours which don’t clash with the chosen theme as you will stand out in wedding photo’s.

No matter what type of event you intend to go to, the outfit should be comfortable, one which can be worn to other events.

Chique and flowing Crepe and Chiffon fabric from Croft Mill Fabrics – Click Images to Shop


Special event fabrics - Special event fabrics -

Why make your own dress?

Finding the perfect dress is not easy.  It can be too expensive and the fit isn’t just right. The perfect dress starts with a simple pattern and the perfect fabric. When you make your own dress, you can choose exactly what fabric is best for you.

Evening gowns are elegant, ethereal, almost goddess-like fabrics. Brocade, velvet, satin, lace, georgette, chiffon, these fabrics have been used to make show-stopping evening dresses.

croftmill pattern inspiration for a special occasion

Prom Dresses

What to wear to a prom?

  • Find out what type and style of dress you prefer for your body shape.
  • Use a few fashion magazine with new trends in them to get some ideas. This allows you to see what you like and dislike about the current season’s different dress types.
  • You want to be comfortable, dance-ready and most of all stylish.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new like an off-the-shoulder number.
  • If you’re not really into dressing up, a simple black slip could work for you.
  • A long dress may be hard to dance in so a maxi dress may be the ticket.

Party Dresses

If you’re planning on having fun, you’ll want to feel good in whatever you’re wearing. A little black dress is a fail-safe option that’s forever en vogue. You could dare to be different with a colourful, look-at-me design. Long dresses are limiting if there is to be dancing, so choose length that suits the type of party. There are lovely bold prints which would wow any party. Coose a nice brocade or taffeta would give you a chic look day or night.

Lace Dresses

Lace looks elegant and it can make any dress look expensive and classy. Edge a garment or overlay to give you a full lace look, soft, flowing elegance.
Different fabrics suit different silhouettes and cuts. Remember to consider your fabric very carefully, to ensure that it is the right one for your perfect dress.

How to dress for your shape – a must read before choosing your pattern..

Try aim for something which suits your figure,

Body shape

Colours which suit the season and time of day.

Special event fabrics -

About the fabrics

  • Satin has one shiny side and one matte side on the fabric.
  • Double-faced satin is shiny on both sides of the fabric.

  • Lace, Tulle and mesh is made from different types of fabric such as nylon, rayon, silk, or cotton. It includes an open weaving that is basted onto a mesh pattern. These fabrics are used to lighten and add a floating look.
  • Used as overlay to give an elegant timeless look.
  • Cut outs or even full lace dresses.

  • Chiffon has a subtle shimmer and is a popular choice for prom dresses.
  • It is sheer and lightweight and incorporated into dresses with several layers.

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