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As much as we love experimenting, sometimes it’s good to have a bit of guidance. So today at Croft Mill we have been discussing sewing books and books about fabrics. So after a bit of a discussion and some research we’ve whittled it down to three. Have a look at this list and let us know what you think… Do you have a go-to book? Can you recommend any?

Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina

 This book is all about altering patterns from major manufacturers (like Butterick, Vogue, Simplicty etc) to get a better fit. It also explains which parts of the pattern should be altered. The book has a pictures to help get the points across and covers lots of different figure types. This book is highly recommended, but it is suggested for those who have experiences in making garments and want to improve them,  as it may be a bit tricky for complete novices.

The Dress Making Book: A Simplified Guide for Beginners by Adele P Margolis

A book that is great for beginners as it stretches from basic sewing machine knowledge to making garmnets. It was published in the 70s, and while a lot of the tips are still applicable it may be worth checking the sizing chart in the book. Since 2005 I have heard that Vogue today has altered its sizing but we are not to sure about the other companies on the chart; such as SImplicity and Butterick. The book also includes a few fabric facts to help you learn more about what your using.

The Fabric Selector: The Essential Guide for Working with Fabrics, Timming and Notions by Dana Willard

Born out of her blog ‘danamadeit’ which features articles on everything from sewing to strawberry jam this book has been getting lots of positive reviews. It covers hundereds of different types of fabrics, but is split into sections to make it more managable and it means you can flick to a particular type of fabric with ease. As well as general information about fabrics, this book tells you about the properties of certain fabrics, things to take into consideration, how it handles and care tips.

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